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Something out there…

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Suddenly, the window slammed shut and I woke up right away. Lightning struck, and it seemed like a storm was about to start. There was something out there, something more than a storm. There was something, or maybe someone waiting for something to happen. The storm outside was dreadful and, unexpectedly, there was a knock at the door. And at the same time, the phone began to ring. Everything happened all at once, and I just freaked out. It was a big surprise that someone called or even came to visit in a storm like this. I didn’t pick up the phone, nor did I answer the door. The phone just kept on ringing and the knock on the door became harder and harder. Now, I was really frightened and I just didn’t know what to do. I just sat there, sat there waiting for everything to become silent. And after some time, everything was just still, and it was just peace and quiet. It felt like time stopped. Until, “ring ring!” I was shocked and screamed! The phone rang again, and I decided to answer it. No one answered back, so I just put the phone down, it must have been a prank call. I went by the door, and was curious if the person knocking was still there. So, I opened the door, and there I saw, a soaking wet man with a scowl on his face.  He was carrying a box, and was about to hand me something. I was afraid and recoiled. He handed a piece of paper. It was a receipt. And that was the time I remembered and realized, I ordered pizza.       


Off to the Al-Rais Beach!

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Me with friends in a Beach

Me with friends in a Beach

Well, right after school, I already had to get ready for some fun! Eid break was already starting! I went home, and then , boom!  I had to eat right away, take a shower, and pack all my stuff. When my dad arrived, we brought everything into the car and we went by Star Market to wait for the others that were coming with us. Everyone was already there, so we went, and we were off to Al- Rais beach! On the way, I slept, since I was kind of tired and anyways, I had nothing to do. But, it seemed like it was just 5 minutes. I woke up, and to my amazement, we were already there in Al-Rais. It seemed like 5 minutes even though it was already an a hour I was asleep. Well, we were on our way to the beach, and that seemed to take forever! It seemed as if we were lost, which we were. It was really dark, and another thing is that, we haven’t been to the Al-Rais beach for over a year. And as my family knows, I kind of freak out when we get lost. I tried not to show that I was, and I just kept the feeling inside. As I looked at the windshield, all I saw was… sand, sand, sand, and some bushes. I didn’t like that one bit. It really seemed forever, until we found our way! I was really happy. And there, my friends and I just had fun, listened to music, and as usual, some of our parents just talked, talked, talked. It was good that we went there though, we have so much memories in beaches, and I would never forget them.

Melamine in Milk???

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I was just in kitchen, when suddenly, I heard about the news on TV. I bet many people have heard about babies getting sick because of the tainted Chinese milk. It is very bad news, and it effects everyone in the world especially people in China. As I’ve heard, and searched, 6,244 infants are ill, 158 are suffering a kidney failure, 54,000 infants have developed kidney stones, and 4 have died. All these infants are getting sick because of the melamine in the Chinese milk. Melamine is a chemical that is used in plastics, and fertilizing, it is not suppose to be in milk. The milk brands made in China that are positively contained with melamine are, Sanlu, which is one of the nation’s largest maker of milk, and Yili, which sponsored the Beijing Olympics. The thing is, why do they put melamine in the milk? It’s because melamine takes the place of the protein when water is added. So, now, many countries such as, Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Philippines are testing Chinese dairy products and removing it from the shelves. I just hope that everything will become okay and that people would stop putting chemicals in food just to make profit and cause danger.


I would LOVE to meet Sandra Bullock!

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Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock

If I had the opportunity to meet any famous person alive today, I would pick Sandra bullock. Sandra bullock is one of the actresses that I really admire. I love her movies and the way she acts! She is very talented and works really hard. When she was young, and wanted to fulfill her acting career, she did everything she could to support herself for it. She worked as a waitress, coat checker, and more.  In school, she was in a choir, learned ballet, competed in dance competitions, and was a cheerleader. She was even voted as cheerleader captain.  Also, she is very kind hearted and cares about people. She even donated 1 million dollars to the red cross when the terrorists attacked in 2001, and when there was a tsunami in Asia.  She was also voted as “Most likely to brighten up your day” in the yearbook. Sandra bullock is one of a kind to me, and I would definitely love to meet her!



Letter from William Bradford

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A picture of us Pilgrims with the American Indians

A picture of us Pilgrims with the American Indians


March 16, 1623

Dear loving wife and son,

              I wish that you both were here with me. I miss you both very much. As you know, I am the leader of the pilgrims, so I have to guide and protect us. I am happy to say that we’re all fine right now. We all have had hard times here, but in the end it all turned out well. Here are some things that have happened so far.  We couldn’t practice our religion in England, so we moved to the Netherlands which was on 1608. In the beginning, the Dutch welcomed us and allowed us to practice our religion freely. But later on, some families weren’t happy, since their children were learning the Dutch language and culture, they were afraid that their children might forget about the English traditions. So, we left the Netherlands and went back to England to ask permission to settle in Virginia. We were on board the Mayflower, and we landed at Plymouth.  Everyone including me was very happy. But many of us pilgrims died when the first winter came. I guess we weren’t that prepared for such a cold winter.

         Well, we didn’t really meet any American Indians in the beginning. There were empty fields there, so we planted some crops, but it didn’t really work out that well. Later on, we met an American Indian named Samoset. He helped and taught us about Plymouth and also other places. Then he later introduced us to Squanto. Squanto is also an American Indian. He was a big help for us. He was the one who translated for us, and he taught us to grow corn, catch fish, and even fertilize soil with fish remains.  We weren’t that wealthy but women have more rights here, and this seems like a really good place to be in. We pilgrims and the American Indians are good friends. I hope we remain good friends till the end! I’ll tell you more later on.  I’ll be coming there really soon and we’ll all be happy here in Plymouth. Take care and god bless always!


                                                  William Bradford


Role of religion in Saudi Arabia vs. Role of religion in Massachusetts

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The role of religion in Massachusetts bay colony and in Saudi Arabia has similarities and differences. They are both similar because some people from different countries migrated to Saudi Arabia to find better jobs, and people from the Massachusetts bay colony also migrated to find new and better jobs. The 3 main duties that women have in the Massachusetts bay colony is to obey their husbands, have children, and run the households. It is also pretty similar to people from Saudi Arabia. Most women don’t really work and most are house wives. Another similarity is that in both places, some people are brought together because of their religion. People in the M.B.C. often hear two sermons every Sunday and the church meetings is what brought them together. And here, in Saudi Arabia, people meet each other and get to know more about each other when they go to the mosque and pray.

Massachusetts bay colony’s main reason for migrating, is for them to be able to practice their religion freely. But most people that migrated to Saudi Arabia migrated mostly for better jobs. Their main religion were also different. In the Massachusetts bay colony, education was important mostly because parents wanted their children to be able to read the Bible, but here, in Saudi Arabia, it’s slightly different because I think that maybe, to some people education is important too, but they read the Quran. Here, non-Muslim people can’t  practice their religion, and there are no churches. In the Massachusetts bay colony, they did have churches, and most people there were Christians. These are some similarities and differences between the role of religion in M.B.C. and S.A.